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Atlas Shrugged - a book review

The book's author is Ayn Rand, but this is her American name. She was born in Russia, with the name of Alissa Zinovievna Rosenbaum.

This book, written in 1957, is very innovative in its approach. Few people until that moment had highlighted the role of entrepreneurs as the driving force in society. Ayn Rand described too how excessive government intervention could lead the country to bankruptcy. Although she uses the well-known dualism between the goodies and the baddies, their economic approaches are well founded.

In essence, entrepreneurs are tired of being the driving force, and one by one, they disappear in a sort of lockout, until the nation falls in total chaos.

We must say that Ayn Rand uses a very direct language. Although English, the language in which she wrote the novel, was her second language, she uses it masterfully. She manages to create in the mind of the reader a very vivid visual representation of what she describes. The book is very predictable from the very beginning, just without any twist. We must emphasize its length, over 1100 pages in its Spanish version.

The characters are almost schematic in her approach. She prefers to work in the argument and outline very clearly the characters from the beginning, even though she manages to involve (captivate) the reader.

This book will not leave the reader indifferent. They will be impressed, or will become major critics of the novel. In a survey by the Library of Congress in the '80s, this book was listed as the second most influential among their readers; the first one was the Bible. You must not miss this great reading, though you must reserve a large amount of time to read it. It's very long.

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